Fatehpur Sikri

Akbar's planned city, 37 km south-west of Delhi, built 1569-1585 was deserted after less than 20 years, due it is thought to an inadequate water supply. The city itself, right next to the current town, is pretty much as it was when it was abandoned, and is a fascinating place to visit. The best that can be said of the town itself is that the bus station doesn't require you to walk through much of it to get here....

Buland Darwaza ( Great Gate )

Jami Masjid

Also known as the Dargah mosque, this houses the tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti

Diwan-i-Khas ( The Hall of Private Audience )

Panch Mahal ( Five-Storeyed Palace )

Just Lazing About....

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